22. Januar 2013
von Blackbam
This tutorial is written while learning for a university test in distributed systems. The aim of this article is to remember the most important facts and steps to understand distributed programming in the Java language. This tutorial is useful for programmers which are able to use Java, but want to learn more about concurrency.   As oracle provides everything you need to learn that in detail, including examples, this is just a collection of other tutorials you should learn step by step. This collection is adapted from the course of the distributed systems group of the technical university of vienna.

1. Learning the Basics of Network communication

  • Networking Basics: Short explanation of networking basics like TCP, UDP and ports.
  • Java IO Tutorial: It's absolutely necessary to be familiar with I/O and streams to do sockets operations!
  • Java TCP Sockets Tutorial: A very useful introduction to (TCP) sockets programming.
  • Java Datagrams Tutorial: Provides all the information you need to send and receive datagram packets using UDP.
  • Java Concurrency Tutorial: A tutorial about concurrency that covers threads, thread-pools and synchronization.
  • Java Programmierhandbuch und Referenz - Section 13.2.3: German tutorial for using datagram sockets. (optional)

Important Java-API Classes:

2. Learning RMI

Important Java-API Classes:


3. Security

Important Java-API Classes:


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sumit kher   sagt:

am 29. März 2013 um 15:14 Uhr

Hey! thanks a lot for a short tutorial on Java Networking and Concurrency as I am basically not a programmer and I am comparatively new to Java technology , so I was wondering what all topics should be covered up if i have to start java from the start and has any one studied or got any info regarding this 6 week java training online course http://www.*****.com/course/12145-the-6-week-complete-java-primer-with-training-certificate and should we also have knowledge of C language before we further move on to Advance Java topics??

Blackbam     sagt:

am 29. März 2013 um 15:37 Uhr

If you are new to Java, then read this book: Head First Java (or something which you like better). After you are familiar with Java, you should start learning advanced topics like concurrency. I think you can learn Java from a course as well as from a book, it is just a matter of interest, time and self-discipline.

ASIT     sagt:

am 17. April 2015 um 09:10 Uhr

ya this java networking concept is really a good one and even we are eagerly waiting for a very good concepts to know which even makes our students learn easily...good blog which really helps us..Thank tou.

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