8. July 2019
von Blackbam
Laravel super short five minutes crash course - an overview of what it is, the core concepts and the core functionalities.
4. July 2019
von Blackbam
A little bit of advertising for my new Plugin "Simple User Locking" which I have just released to the WordPress plugin repository. It has just passed the security audit by the WordPress plugin team and is not publicly available and free for everybody.
14. March 2019
von Blackbam
qTranslate is a great multilanguage Plugin for WordPress. It is fast and easy. For many of my projects from 2012-2017 I have chosen it over WPML or multisite multilanguage as it is super fast and easy. Then the author suddenly has disappeared without a Word tens of thousands of WordPress sites have been affected. One […]
3. January 2018
von Blackbam
Answer: Do not use PHPMyAdmin. This is how you do it with the command line: Importing an SQL dump file: mysql -u [user] -p [password] [database name] < [Path to Dump File] Exporting an SQL dump file: mysqldump -u [user] -p [password] [database name] > [Path to Dump File]
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3. March 2016
von Blackbam
It is easy. Install Tor Browser (https://www.torproject.org/) Modify the torrc-file in the folder of the Tor Browser and set a specific country (Tutorial: http://www.wikihow.com/Set-a-Specific-Country-in-a-Tor-Browser, Country list: http://www.b3rn3d.com/blog/2014/03/05/tor-country-codes/) (Re-)start Tor Browser and have fun No censorship, no copyright locks, ...
8. December 2015
von Blackbam
Thats a very annoying common problem I discovered - if calling Ajax within a Javascript loop the callback function will be called asynchronously. That means: All local variables in the callback function will have their future value instead the value they had when the loop was running.   Example 1 (probably unwanted results): var types […]
19. September 2015
von Blackbam
Probably every PHP developer in the world has already seen the following notice at least once: Notice: Undefined index: not_set in /home/.sites/../../../...php on line 1 It happens if accessing the key of an array which does not exist. There is a very similar problem with PHP objects: If you access a property of an object […]
22. June 2015
von Blackbam
If creating websites for local businesses which have a local store or something similar it is recommendable to use some geo optimization techniques. Using GEO optimization makes your website being found easier by customers which may be actually interested in what you have to offer. According to surveys 25% of commercially motivated searches on the […]
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26. May 2015
von Blackbam
The following technique is very useful if you have to make existing websites responsive and e.g. want to have two sidebars after the main content without changing the original HTML. You can define the order of the HTML element which have a common parent element by doing the following: .parent { display:-webkit-box; display:-moz-box; display:box; -webkit-box-orient:vertical; […]
7. May 2015
von Blackbam
Sometimes when moving a WordPress installation to another Webhost if cloning the database and the files and even if the domain is the same you may get the error "Too many redirects". This usually happens if the configuration of the new server environment is different from the old one. In many cases the problem is that […]
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