24. October 2010
von Blackbam

I recently finished my first Bachelor-Thesis which deals with the topic "the limits of WordPress". I want as many visitors as possible to read that. I really think it is helpful for some interrested developers. I also hope to get a lot of different opinions about the the result of this work and also a lot of  qualified feedback and critics so please correct me if you do not agree or if you find some mistakes or wrong points in the content.


This work is written to analyze the limits of applicability concerning the usage of the content management system “WordPress” for web projects of any kind. What are the limits of WordPress, when is it possible and recommendable to use it for a certain kind of project, what are the advantages and what is explicitly not possible with the system?

The aim of this work is to give decision guidance for companies and developers who need to know, if they should use WordPress for a certain kind of project. To reach the aim, the functionality, technology, extensibility, community, future and applicability of WordPress are analyzed. The system is compared to other CMS and deductions for the final applicability and limits of the system are made. WordPress turns out to be a full-featured adequate CMS for various purposes today, which is always worth to consider. Only huge projects of some fields of application suffer from limitations.

Download or read the work as .pdf

By the way  - the best book

For writing this work lots of WordPress books were studied by me in detail, and I think the best one for real professional Work is "Professional WordPress" by Hal Stern, David Damstra and Brad Williams:

Professinal WordPress on Amazon


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