15. February 2014
von Blackbam

When coding responsive Web-Designs we usually have images in the content and in various containers with varying dimensions. In these containers, images should never be bigger than the HTML-container itself. In order to solve this problem I have developed this little script which may be helpful for some of you visitors, too. It is just required to set a jQuery selector for the container itself (to get the maximum width) and one to select all the images affected.

function scale_content_images() {

    $('#my_container img').each(function() {

            var the_image = this;
            var maxAvailableWidth = $('#my_container').width()-20; // Max width for the image
            var ratio = 0;  // Used for aspect ratio
            var width = $(this).width();    // Current image width
            var height = $(this).height();  // Current image height
            var orig_width = parseInt($(this).attr("width")); // the intended width of the image
            var orig_height = parseInt($(this).attr("height")); // the intended height of the image

            // if intended width/height not available, get original image dimensions and set these
            if(isNaN(orig_width)||isNaN(orig_height)) {
                var image = new Image();
                image.src = $(the_image).attr("src");
                orig_width = image.naturalWidth;
                orig_height= image.naturalHeight;

            // Check if the current width is larger than the max
            if(orig_width>maxAvailableWidth) {
                ratio = maxAvailableWidth / width;   // get ratio for scaling image
                $(this).css("width", maxAvailableWidth); // Set new width
                $(this).css("height", height * ratio);  // Scale height based on ratio
                height = height * ratio;    // Reset height to match scaled image
                width = width * ratio;    // Reset width to match scaled image
            } else {

$(document).ready(function() {

$(document).resize(function() {


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