3. July 2013
von Blackbam
This article on PostgreSQL is dedicated to my university course about database system, which I had to absolve this year. This post maybe useful as a quick syntactic introduction to PostgreSQL. It contains some useful examples and structures. This is not a complete tutorial. For really learning PostgreSQL you should consider reading the official documentation. […]
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2. July 2013
von Blackbam
Recently a client wanted to display social media buttons like facebook, twitter and google plus at the bottom of each image in jQuery Colorbox. As it is bad practice to change the source code of a Plugin, the following code worked well for this job.   Note: This client wanted the full URL to be […]
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3. June 2013
von Blackbam
TinyMCE is the standard WordPress visual editor and it might be the best choice for a lot of WordPress websites. Unfortunatly it always required some time and a lot of knowledge to customize and style it to your needs. Using this following Plugin will reduce this problem.   Clients tend to get crazy if they have […]
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14. March 2013
von Blackbam
Recently I have been confronted with a very annoying bug Windows bug, when working with Aptana Studio on Windows. For some reason the system has frozen when I wanted to create a backup by copying some files and the program created a very, very deep folder structure. It took me some time to realize this. […]
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23. January 2013
von Blackbam
This ultra short tutorial is just a summary of how Java RMI (remote method invocation) works. For explanation please check one of the other tutorials which you will find easily easily your favorite search engine. 1. Write RMI-Server Interface extends package java.rmi.Remote provide all methods to be called remotely each methods must through a remote […]
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22. January 2013
von Blackbam
This tutorial is written while learning for a university test in distributed systems. The aim of this article is to remember the most important facts and steps to understand distributed programming in the Java language. This tutorial is useful for programmers which are able to use Java, but want to learn more about concurrency.   […]
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1. December 2012
von Blackbam
As it is happens quite often that the rich editor of WordPress is a barrier concerning posts including difficult HTML, I wrote a Plugin. I am planning to release an improved version to the WordPress Plugin repository soon, but I think this works quite well for now:   // Deactivate Visual Editor if option is […]
17. October 2012
von Blackbam
As it was a bit tricky to find out how this works, I want to share this script. This is how you can convert a UTC timestamp without offset and summertime into a converted timestamp using PHP. This is especially useful when extending a Calendar Plugin for example, which saves its dates in UTC-timestamps while […]
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12. July 2012
von Blackbam
The automatic upgrade function of WordPress is usefull for most bloggers, as they always are reminded to keep WordPress and its extensions up to date. Anyhow, it can be very annoying for developers when customers and end-user make updates by their own, usually destroying something. It is often recomendable to disable this notifications: Sometimes a […]
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25. June 2012
von Blackbam
Update: There was a short intverview regarding this Plugin by expertentesten.de: https://www.expertentesten.de/news/interview-david-stoeckl-custom-header-images-plugin/(language is german). Why does WordPress need another Header Images Plugin? Really, there are a lot of Plugins for this purpose so why did I have to write another one? The answer is: All these plugins have a lot of code, it is hard […]
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